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Bracken Law Firm serves as legal representative and strategic counselor to the Missoula, Montana real estate and construction community.  We provide superior legal services to all participants including  commercial purchasers and sellers, residential home buyers and sellers, owners of commercial, multi-use, and industrial property, landlords and tenants, lenders and contractors.

No matter is too big or too small

Whether real estate closings, construction liens, or multimillion dollar construction defect cases, we have the experience to give our clients the edge they need. 

 Construction Litigation and Dispute Resolution

While construction disputes are common, not all disputes must end in a lawsuit.  We aggressively pursue resolutions in the most timely and cost-effective manner available.  Since lawsuits can quickly diminish profits, we focus on resolving construction disputes quickly through mediation and arbitration. Nonetheless, we have the tenacity to effectively handle trial court litigation and appeals in state and federal court when that is in our client's best interest.


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