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Legal Debt Assistance

Are you looking at overwhelming debt, foreclosure, lawsuits, garnishment or other debt related problems? We can give you the advice you need to rebuild your future.  We will review your situation and council you on your best options to resolving your financial issues.

When faced with a tough financial situation, seek legal assistance quickly.  Delaying action or ignoring the situation can have costly impact on your financial future, and you could find yourself in an even deeper financial hole. It is important to discuss your debt relief options with a lawyer that will listen to your concerns and develop a personalized plan for your debt relief.

Bankruptcy Could be an Option for You

If you find you are swimming in debt, it may be time to consider bankruptcy as a legal option to get a clean slate and start fresh again.  As soon as you file your petition with the Montana bankruptcy court, it will stop harassing phone calls, and could protect you from further creditor actions such as garnishments, repossessions and foreclosure.

We understand that each financial crisis is different.  We will take the time to focus on your individual situation and fight for your rights as a debtor.  We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to schedule your consultation.


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