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We provide the highest level of legal representation by taking a novel approach to the practice of law - we only measure our success based upon the success of our clients. 

BRACKEN LAW FIRM, P.L.L.C., was founded to provide "big firm" experience and quality, but with the flexibility, cost-effectiveness and personal attention of a smaller firm.  Lead attorney, Sean Bracken, was formerly affiliated with multinational law firms in Houston and New Orleans and successfully managed high-profile legal matters, often receiving global media attention.  He strongly felt, however, that he could still achieve great legal results for his clients without a large law firm's bureaucracy, extravagance, and antiquated approach to the practice of law.  Accordingly, he launched his own law firm with the success of his clients as the first priority.  Based in Missoula, Montana, we have grown to a full-service, regional law firm.

Benefit From Our Experience

We have earned a reputation for excellence in the most complex litigation.  Nevertheless, the goal of many of our clients is to resolve a matter without litigation.  Our creative strategies, skilled negotiation,  and deep understanding of the law have helped resolve matters quickly and economically without the need for litigation.  With our years of experience, we develop the proper strategy to effectively serve the best interests of our clients.

Whether a large corporation or an individual, we work extra hard to provide our clients with the outstanding legal services that they deserve at a much more competitive price.  We care about your business and we will never take a client for granted.   Give us a call for your initial consultation and experience a whole new level of legal service.

Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation at    406-493-1249.